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Posted 9/9/2007 12:19:41 AM
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hi, me and my friend were wondering if you could critique her riding/jumping (so yes, for all those wondering, i have her permission!!) she's riding one of my horses in all the photos to, by the way.


(shes jumping about 30-35cm)


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Posted 9/9/2007 5:13:37 AM
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Well here is a very brief fast one as my dh has to use puter for work.. going left to right  then down. Also  the items arein no particular order they are as I saw them appear  to me. So  while one sentance might be about the hand and the next heels then back to hands that is how they came into my field of vision or caught my eye.

1) rider is looking down. If she continues this she will eventually land where she looks gravity works well. And at 75 PSI on the head alone you can imagine what that can do to ones point of balance. Shoulders  are rounded instead of straight and square. she is slouching she needs to sit up straighter and closer to the front of the saddle. Bend at the elbows. Hands thumbs down fingers closed right hand down left hand up. Leathers are to long for her legs though she has long legs they need to come up a hole or two until she has  a definate bend in knee. Remember straight line from head, shoulders, hips, heels.  Heels need to be down and stop pinching with knees. Foot wear. It looks like she is riding in some sort of slippers she need a sturdy pair of boots with a heel on them to pervent her foot sliding through the iron as  in later pictures  she has a habit of haveing the iron to far back.

2)Looking down again. While the horse is troting over the rail and she might be on the down motion of her posting she is to far back in the saddle and if she were  actually jumping she would be 'hitting the  kidneys"  as she would have been left behind over the jump. She  is lounge chair sitting nothing is in any sort of line at all. Legs are to ar out in front buttocks are to far back. Heels again.  She should probably have her hands  a titch further up the neck in a attempted crest release to allow the horse to use his neck a bit right now she is holding him back and keeping him bottled up. As she is sitting lounge chair style she is gripping with her knees which is doing neither her or hte horse no favors.

3)Puppy Paws. turn the hands up fingers closed thumbs closed un the bight of the reins. Sit more foward in the saddle not so far back. Heels again.. They really do need to be down  because they are  her base of support. Should she not be riding a steady eddie and the horse were to throw a nasty last second stop  she would go heads over teakettle over him over jump< if lucky> onto ground. ( trust me been there done that and if you look closely right here at my forehead see this right here that is greenwood farm may 80 believe roll top has matching imprint).. Perhaps resting hands on crest of neck would be helpful for her to have idea of where her hands should be even at this stage of the game... Cant really see her head but it looks like she is looking at something off to her left.. is she looking where she is going next or just looking there for the sake of looking there.. If not looking where she is going she should be looking between the horses ears and no place else...( should have mentioned that before I know blame it on halfhimmers).. Is she attempting to do a back handspring or someother gymnastic move? If not why is her back so arched? Straighten back...

4)Eye again up looking through ears not down.. gravity works...< this dent in  mmm left arm.. wise margin farm Childrens  Hunter OF feb 80 gate square oxer 3' x 2 1/2' darn that hurt can we say slam on breaks bye bye to some ligments and muscles hello perminate scar tissue lucky did not tear rotator cuff>. Hands again puppy paws... Fingers again closed open fingers do not = soft hands.. sit more foward in saddle. horse might be getting irritated a bit  as he has begun to  resist contact a slight check to bring him back up migh have been in order. Where is she looking?

5)rider mouth close it  bugs love open nouths and there is not a lot worse sensation than  having a bug 'fly' into a mouth when you are  going over a jump not only  do you choke on it but it hurts a bit at it hits the back of your but depending on your gag reflex some of us may have to run from side of ring to  bath room... fingers again close them. leathers to long again/ still. Looking down still... Foot  to far back in iron and with no heel on foot wear her foot can slid through iron and her foot can get caught in iron and if she were not on a steady horse ahd he wer eto spook and she were to come off she would get dragged. shoulders rounded they need to be straight and squared.

6)same as all the above  eyes, hands, heels, feet, leather/irons, seat, legs, etc...

7) see above nothing new nothing diffrent..

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Posted 9/9/2007 8:02:25 PM
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Ok, so wow.  First of all let's talk about dressing to ride.  Sneakers or whatever are NOT good to ride in because of exactly what's happening here.  In some pictures I think the stirrup iron is actually touching your leg.  That is BAD.  Shoes should have a heel to prevent that.  If the horse stopped or shied, your foot could potentially go through the stirrup.  Also chaps-not strictly necessary, but ouch?

For curiosity's sake:  Do you ride western?  Have you ever taken english lessons?  Your jumping kind of worries me.

Flat stuff:  Your stirrups are super long, with your foot out of the stirrup they should hit your ankle bones.  There's a definite chair seat going on here.  Your ankles should be directly beneath your hips.  Try this:  stand straight up right now, then bend your knees.  That should be your position on horseback.  You're slouching so sit up straight, roll your shoulders back and chin up.  There should be more bend in your elbows.  Turn your hands so your thumbs are facing up and close your fingers around the reins.

Jumping:  To be brutally honest, I don't think you should be jumping.  I think you should only do flatwork until you can get rid of that chair seat, have your weight in your heels and not in your butt, and you understand a two point jumping position.  I don't know if you meant that rail to be a jump, but either way you're not following the horse's motion.  You're sitting on his back over it, in a super chair seat, with absolutely no release.  Look at the horse's expression, he is NOT happy.  You're pinching with your knee which is causing your lower leg to pivot under you, which is giving you absolutely no base of support and therefore nothing to work with.  For instance in the last picture your butt shouldn't be in the saddle at that point in the jump.  You've got a death grip on his face which means he can't use himself like he should so he's being a very good boy and bulldozing over the jump.  A good jumping form should include:  your butt out of the saddle, ankle flexed and weight in your heel, knee bent, arms bent in a crest release with your hands about halfway up his neck.

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Posted 9/9/2007 11:17:32 PM
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thanks guys 

so two things...number one, THATS NOT ME! so i dont really know the answeres to your questians

and two, i agree with everything the first post said, but to be fair i should probably mention she has scoliosis (a back condition) so its hard for her to keep it straight (just thought i'd mention that)

anything else?


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Posted 9/10/2007 11:33:12 PM
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anyone else please?
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Posted 9/11/2007 10:34:52 PM
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Posted 2/2/2008 2:50:17 PM

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i'm no jumper but is she wearing boots? if she is weaqring sneakers, she needs boots for safety reasons.


bye bye peoples. i'm outta here. i may come back time to time, to check in, but maybe not. so bye ppls


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Posted 2/2/2008 3:15:34 PM

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If she has a physical disability that limits her riding ability, then she should not be jumping.  Or she should be jumping under supervised instruction and with the proper gear/clothing.

All I see is a rider sitting on the horse's back and grabbing its face over the fence. 


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Posted 2/3/2008 10:03:15 AM

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Long(er) pants and riding boots are a must for safety.  Half(or full) chaps would be recomended if she doesn't have tall boots, but are not needed.  I've heard polo wraps can work well, too, but have never tried them.

At this point I would say she should not be jumping.  Not nessicarily because of her back, simply because in my opinion she needs more work on the flat.

On the flat: Stirrups need to shorter and she should be centered in the saddle.  She really needs to look up.  Tumbs should be up, fingers  could be closed more.

Over the Jumps: Really needs to get off the horse's back and into some sort of jumping position.  Horse needs more release.  Heels should be down, not up, she is gripping with her knee.  She should be looking up and in to the direction she is going.  Her mouth should be closed, cannot tell you how disgusting bugs are in your mouth.  Yuck.

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Posted 2/3/2008 11:29:12 AM

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she definitly should not be jumping at this point. She needs to go back to flatwork and learn how to sit correctly, with the right leg angles, posture, and handset. It is cruel to ask a horse to jump, then sit flat on it's back and yank it's mouth when it tries to obey. Try some more work on posture, and work on walk trot transitions at the moment. Even if the rider has scholiosis, she can work a little more on her back and straightening her body out. This horse looks very upset, and probably is not happy about the position this girl is in. As weird as it seems, by being unbalanced when riding horses, we unbalance them, so she has a greater chance of causing her horse to stumble, or trip over the jump.

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